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At Delta Blue, we care about the story of your seafood, and so do our buyers. Let us help tell your story and promote your responsible and quality seafood products.

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Seafood sourcing can be complicated and time consuming. Farmed or Wild? Is it responsibly harvested? Where was it raised? Does it meet your specifications and price point and value proposition? We remove the complications and give you the confidence to sell great seafood.

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The Delta Difference


Delta Blue is fully committed to aquaculture and sustainable fisheries. We believe these seafood products will continue to offer healthy, efficient food to a growing global population, and contribute vital economic opportunities in many remote and developing areas around the world.

It matters where your seafood comes from. We believe that responsible seafood, value creation, and long-term relationships should go hand-in-hand. We care about where our seafood comes from and want to tell the story of how the seafood was raised, harvested, and delivered to the hands of customers.

Our team has been producing and selling premium shrimp and seafood for over 40 years. We have owned and operated vertically integrated shrimp farm operations and built out brands and customers for these products. We are pioneers of responsible aquaculture and development of standards for food safety, animal welfare, environmental and social issues.

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