Seafood sourcing can be complicated and time consuming. Farmed or Wild? Is it responsibly harvested? Where was it raised? Does it meet your specifications and price point and value proposition? We remove the complications and give you the assurance to sell great seafood.

Buyer Services

  • Sourcing Networks
  • Global Production and Pricing Statistics/Trends
  • Innovation on product development and market strategies
  • Unique Brands and Private Label
  • Consulting: Operations, Production, Processing and Sales
  • Logistics and operational support
  • Exceptional Customer Service

How It Works

Delta Blue has established lasting partnerships with premium Aquaculture Producers around the world. We collaborate to offer great products and fair pricing into the marketplace, connecting seafood buyers with the producers. We believe that Buyers should know the exact source of their seafood, and our producers have stories they are proud to share. This long-term transparency builds confidence in the supply chain.

Our Global Reach

in the world

Delta Blue has extensive experience in Shrimp/aquaculture from around the world.  Our roots are deep in Central and South America, and we have extensive operations in Latin America.   Our Customers are primarily in North America, Mexico, China and Western Europe. Run, buy, visit about anywhere in the world.

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