At Delta Blue, we care about the story of your seafood, and so do our buyers. Let us help tell your story and promote your sustainable and quality seafood products.

Producer Services

  • Access to Customers
  • Global Production and Pricing Statistics/Trends
  • Innovation on product development and market strategies
  • Building unique brands
  • Specification development and quality control
  • Consulting: Operations, Production, Processing and Sales
  • Logistics and operational support including import and export
  • Exceptional Customer Service

How It Works

Delta Blue builds long term partnerships with producers and connects their products with great customers around the world. As part of this approach we work closely with our producer partners in matching their products and capabilities with the customer base with the best fit. We know that every producer has a unique story to tell and we bring it to the customers, and we look to promote their quality products.

Our Global Reach

in the world

Delta Blue has extensive experience in Shrimp from around the world.  Our roots are deep in Central and South America, and we have extensive operations in Mexico.   Our Customers are primarily in North America, Mexico, China and Western Europe.

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